Industry 4.0 and growing data privacy concerns

By 2025, adoption of IoT, ubiquitous stream of data, and the intelligent algorithms crunching will enable manufacturing lines to continuously optimize towards higher levels of output and product quality – reducing overall waste in manufacturing by up to 50%.

In a world of smart devices that collect and exchange customer information, and a climate of international cyber warfare, data protection is a real challenge for manufacturers. The adoption of digital technologies in the manufacturing sector has seen a major growth of IoT and digitalization popularly known as the fourth industrial revolution i.e Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is the term coined for the automation and data exchange taking place in the manufacturing sector. Internet of things is the connection of physical devices to the internet and to each other with the objective to collect and transfer data. IoT applications have opened large areas of opportunities across the manufacturing value chain but has also posed some concern related to personal data privacy.

With such aggressive adoption of technologies, organizations must find ways to deal with data privacy challenges in the IoT ecosystem, more importantly with the introduction of some of the privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA  which demand stringent compliances.

IoT data privacy is a multidimensional area and organizations need to take a holistic systematic and customer-centric approach. By taking a customer-centric approach organizations can leverage benefits of IoT and at the same time become compliant with privacy regulation.

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