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How Ayottaz catalyzed a major MNC deal with robust InfoSec solutions

In a challenging environment where stringent security compliance was hindering a SaaS company's deal with a top MNC, Ayottaz stepped in. By seamlessly integrating as the client's InfoSec team, Ayottaz championed the path to ISO 27001 compliance and provided a crucial third-party VAPT demonstration. The result? A successful partnership with the MNC, a streamlined due diligence process, and an enhanced industry reputation for the SaaS provider

Budget-friendly Data Privacy

Strategic Data Privacy on a shoestring budget

Explore how Ayottaz played a vital role in assisting a cash-strapped startup to establish essential data privacy measures within budget constraints. With a focus on compliance and trust-building, Ayottaz's tailored approach involved data privacy training, engagement of a Data Representative, and the implementation of crucial privacy solutions. Learn how this strategic approach allowed the startup to prioritize data protection while ensuring financial sustainability.

Seamless international expansion

Empowering Data Security for Global Success

Discover how Ayottaz partnered with a mid-sized consulting firm, enabling them to achieve ISO 27001 certification and elevate their information security practices. With an eye on international expansion, Ayottaz paved the way for the consulting firm to establish rigorous data security standards, meet international client demands, and enhance their global reputation.

Ayottaz assisting a SaaS Company in achieving ISO 27001 compliance and landing a major MNC client

The client*, a growing SaaS company in Employee engagement and Rewards, was encountering significant challenges in closing a deal with a major multinational corporation (MNC). The primary issues revolved around the client’s ability to demonstrate robust information security practices, particularly Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), and ISO 27001 compliance. The MNC client had stringent data security requirements, and their extensive due diligence process was causing delays and frustrations. The absence of ISO 27001 certification and third-party VAPT validation made it extremely difficult for the SaaS company to satisfy the MNC’s security diligence.

Client’s Challenges

  1. VAPT Validation: The MNC client demanded a third-party VAPT demonstration, which the SaaS company struggled to provide. They were reliant on in-house tools but had not undergone external validation.

  2. ISO 27001 Compliance: The MNC’s information security due diligence required ISO 27001 certification, which the SaaS company lacked. This was a significant roadblock in securing the deal.

  3. Prolonged Due Diligence Process: The absence of ISO 27001 compliance and third-party VAPT validation meant a prolonged due diligence process, leading to delays in onboarding the MNC client and others.

Ayottaz’s Solution

The SaaS company decided to engage Ayottaz to help them overcome these hurdles. Ayottaz offered a comprehensive solution to address the client’s security and compliance needs.

1. Acting as the Client’s InfoSec Team: Ayottaz acted as an extension of the SaaS company’s information security team. They worked closely with the client’s internal staff to understand their existing security measures, tools, and practices.

2. ISO 27001 Implementation: Ayottaz guided the client through the process of achieving ISO 27001 certification. This involved a thorough assessment of the client’s information security policies and practices, identifying gaps, and implementing necessary changes to align with ISO 27001 standards.

3. Third-Party VAPT Demonstration: Ayottaz conducted a comprehensive third-party VAPT, using their expertise and advanced tools. This not only satisfied the MNC’s requirement but also enhanced the SaaS company’s overall security posture.


The collaboration with Ayottaz brought several positive outcomes for the SaaS company:

  1. Demonstrated Compliance: With Ayottaz’s assistance, the SaaS company was able to demonstrate ISO 27001 compliance and a successful third-party VAPT. This instilled confidence in the MNC client, addressing their major security concerns.

  2. Onboarding the MNC Client: The successful demonstration of compliance and security measures paved the way for onboarding the major MNC client. This was a significant win for the SaaS company and opened doors to other prominent clients.

  3. Shortened Due Diligence Process: The SaaS company experienced substantially reduced data security due diligence times with subsequent clients. The ISO 27001 certification and third-party VAPT validation became assets that streamlined the client onboarding process.

  4. Enhanced Reputation: The successful partnership with the MNC client, as well as Ayottaz’s assistance in achieving compliance, enhanced the SaaS company’s reputation in the industry. They were now viewed as a secure and trustworthy solution provider.


Ayottaz’s intervention played a pivotal role in transforming the struggling SaaS company’s fortunes. By acting as their information security partner, facilitating ISO 27001 compliance, and conducting third-party VAPT, the company was able to secure a major MNC client and subsequently attract more clients. The reduced due diligence process and enhanced reputation are testaments to the impact of Ayottaz’s support in bolstering information security practices and compliance.

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Ayottaz empowering a cash-crunched Startup with essential Data Privacy measures


A startup with limited financial resources was determined to establish a basic level of data privacy and security to build trust with early clients and investors. Despite budget constraints, they recognized the importance of data privacy compliance in today’s digital landscape.


  1. Limited Budget: The startup had minimal financial resources and needed cost-effective solutions for data privacy.

  2. Data Privacy Basics: Demonstrating basic data privacy measures was crucial to attract early clients and investors.

Ayottaz’s Solution

Ayottaz provided an efficient and budget-friendly solution to help the startup establish essential data privacy measures:

1. Risk Assessment: Ayottaz conducted a comprehensive risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities and potential data privacy threats.

2. Data Privacy Training: Ayottaz provided tailored data privacy training to the startup’s small team. This training focused on data handling best practices, the importance of consent, and the principles of data protection.

3. Data Representative Engagement: Ayottaz helped the startup engage a Data Representative, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, especially relevant under GDPR.

4. Implementing Privacy Solutions:

  • Consent Management: Ayottaz implemented a consent management system to enable the startup to collect and manage user consent for data processing.
  • Privacy Policies: Ayottaz helped create and implement privacy policies, ensuring transparency and compliance with data protection regulations.
  • DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) Solutions: Ayottaz integrated DSAR solutions into the startup’s web applications, enabling them to efficiently handle data access requests.


  • Data Privacy Awareness: The startup’s small team was well-informed about data privacy best practices, enhancing their ability to handle sensitive data responsibly.

  • Compliance with Regulations: By engaging a Data Representative and implementing consent management, privacy policies, and DSAR solutions, the startup achieved compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Building Trust: These essential data privacy measures allowed the startup to build trust with early clients and investors, demonstrating their commitment to safeguarding user data.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Ayottaz’s solutions were both effective and budget-friendly, ensuring that the startup remained financially sustainable while prioritizing data privacy.

In this case, Ayottaz played a pivotal role in helping the cash-crunched startup establish essential data privacy measures within their budget constraints. By providing training, engaging a Data Representative, and implementing relevant data privacy solutions, Ayottaz enabled the startup to build trust with early clients and investors while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Ayottaz assisting a Consulting firm achieve ISO 27001 certification and optimal information security for gaining international clients


A mid-sized consulting firm sought to expand its services to international clients but faced a significant hurdle – they had no established information security processes or ISO 27001 certification. International clients demanded rigorous data security standards, and the absence of these measures hindered the firm’s global growth ambitions.


  1. No Established Information Security Processes: The consulting firm had no structured information security processes in place, which posed a risk when dealing with international clients.

  2. ISO 27001 Certification: Achieving ISO 27001 certification was a prerequisite for international clients. The firm needed to establish the necessary protocols and practices.

Ayottaz’s Solution

Ayottaz provided comprehensive support to address the consulting firm’s challenges:

1. Establishing Information Security Processes: Ayottaz began by assessing the firm’s existing processes, identifying gaps, and implementing suitable information security measures, protocols, and best practices.

2. ISO 27001 Certification Preparation: Ayottaz guided the firm through the process of achieving ISO 27001 certification. This involved documentation, risk assessment, security policy formulation, and employee training to ensure compliance.

3. Ongoing Information Security Support: Ayottaz offered continued support, monitoring, and assistance to ensure the consulting firm maintained optimal information security post-certification.

4. Shared CISO as a Service: Recognizing the importance of experienced leadership in information security, Ayottaz deployed a Shared CISO as a Service. This dedicated security expert provided strategic guidance, ensured ongoing compliance, and played a pivotal role in implementing security measures effectively.


  • ISO 27001 Certification: The consulting firm successfully achieved ISO 27001 certification, giving them a competitive edge in attracting international clients.

  • Global Expansion: With Ayottaz’s support, the firm confidently expanded its services to international clients, establishing trust in their information security practices.

  • Enhanced Reputation: The consulting firm’s commitment to information security and compliance boosted its reputation as a reliable partner for international clients.

  • Efficient Compliance Management: The Shared CISO as a Service model introduced by Ayottaz ensured not only compliance but also efficiency in security leadership, ensuring a resilient information security posture.