Payment Terms

  1. Transaction fees:  Payment terms govern how you get paid. Ayottaz acts as a listing and transaction platform wherein you can list your services and Clients/enterprises can engage your services. For every successful transaction on the Ayottaz platform, you receive 80% of the Transaction payment while 20 % is retained by Ayottaz (exclusive of any payment charges taken by the payment gateway) as platform fees. While the basic listing is free on the website.
  2. Listing fees: While basic listing is free on the Ayottaz platform, various packages/pricing plans are defined for different set of offerings on the Ayottaz platform.
  3. Advertisement fees: Advertisement fees are revised by Ayottaz from time to time. You can contact for any information on the same.
  4. Privilege Partner Program: While Ayottaz charges 20% for any transaction executed through its platform, for any direct leads shared by Ayottaz to Privilege Partners, Ayottaz will communicate its enablement fees at the time of executing the SOW.
  5. Ayottaz reserves the right to revise any of the terms as stated above at any time and your usage of Ayottaz shall be bound by such effective terms.
  6. Penalty: In case any user tries to conceal information or influence clients to engage with the consultant or service provider outside the Ayottaz platform to avoid Ayottaz transaction charges then Ayottaz reserves the right to blacklist such involved parties and take appropriate legal remedy.
  7. These payment terms are further governed by the Community Guidelines, Terms of use, and Privacy Policy of Ayottaz.
  8. Ayottaz shall further release the Payments to vendors only after successful execution of the services to the Clients. In case of unsuccessful delivery of the services, a refund shall be governed by the Refund Policy.