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What are the various components of CXO Cyber Security Training?

In our training, your employee will learn how to handle specific steps of your incident response process. CXO Security training also teaches your internal stakeholder on how to detect and report social engineering attacks, such as phishing, education about new trends in the threat landscape and employee responsibility of corporate data.

How much does the training cost?

CXO Security prides itself on working closely with its customers as a trusted advisor for cyber security training. We cater to your specific needs either through one of our computer-based end-user structured programs, through to informal one-on-one style sessions where our consultants provide particular advice to board members. To find out more about cyber security training and the costs associated, contact one of our specialists today.

What are the benefits of cyber security training?

Improve the organisations’ resilience and response to attacks, thus minimising business impacts;
Improve general security awareness;
More efficient information systems;
Minimise rework costs by making the right security decisions the first time;

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