Privacy Masterclass For Business

Any business owner who wants to understand privacy compliance


As a business, your first step is to know what is privacy, why is it important and what actions you need to take. Only when you know this, you can make an informed choice about need for more action(s) or not.
This is exactly what this course is for you. If you like non-sense plain langauge explanation in brief. This is for you.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn about:
  • What is privacy? This is important for you becuase you like to know things before you invest.
  • Why is privacy important? This is relevant for you becuase you like to start with why.
  • Why should your business comply with privacy laws? This is key because it is not just fines but trust of customers that is the key reason for your business to take action.
  • What are the key requirements in a privacy law? This is essential because you like to be on top of the basics before action is taken.
  • What actions does your company need to take? This is core of any investment you make because you first need actions so that you can prioritize these.


Name of Institute
Name of Instructor
Mr. Punit Bhatia
Program fees in USD
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Sharebale certificate, Self paced , Exam
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Limited time
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12 months

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