Elite Privacy Technologist Masterclass

Useful if you want to take certifications such as CIPT


Elite Privacy Technologist Masterclass

This course is for you if you are in IT and work as developer, engineer, manager or auditor, process owner, or application owner who wants to understand privacy.

This is only for technology professionals who like to have an indepth view on privacy.

This is especially useful if you want to take certifications such as CIPT. The course comes with practice exam and an actual exam in the end so that you are assured of your learnings.

No Legal Jargon

The course is created using simple langauge that is free from legal jarson so that you understand concepts easily.

Practitioner Approach

The course is created by a practitioner so that you get concepts and experiences that come from the real world.

Scenario Based

The course includes real life scenarios to ensure that you understand the applicability of concepts.

Practice & Exam

The course includes a practice quiz, practice exam and an actual exam so that you feel confident of your learnings.

In this course, you will find answers to following questions:


What is privacy and how does it interplay with technology?

You learn what is privacy, how it itersects technology and why is that important.


How can a technologist play the right role in different privacy scenarios?

You learn how you can contribute to real life scenarios and be relevant in context of situations.


What are the key privacy concepts, principles and standards?

You learn about core topics, industry standards like privacy by design, value sensitive design and so on.


How can technology and organizational measures be implemented?

You learn various measures like encryption, annonymization, pseudonomization etc. and when to apply those.


What are the technolgies that create challenge in ensuring privacy for individuals?

You lean how technology can be a challenger or enabler of privacy for individuals.


How does privacy impact your job?

You learn how to bring what you have learnt into play various scenarios so that theory becomes reality.


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Mr. Punit Bhatia
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Sharebale certificate, Self paced
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