Elite Privacy Professional Masterclass

Candidates planning to take certification exams such as CIPP-E


Welcome to the Elite Privacy Professional Masterclass. This masterclass is intended to give you an opportunity to become a privacy expert.

The course covers the privacy basics, standards in privacy, the key concepts and common requirements in privacy laws while getting deep into GDPR.

If you are planning to take certification exams such as CIPP-E then this is purposefully the course for you.

No Legal Jargon

The course is created using simple langauge that is free from legal jarson so that you understand concepts easily.

Practitioner Approach

The course is created by a practitioner so that you get concepts and experiences that come from the real world.

Scenario Based

The course includes real life scenarios to ensure that you understand the applicability of concepts.

Practice & Exam

The course includes a practice quiz, practice exam and an actual exam so that you feel confident of your learnings.


In this course, you will find answers to following questions:


What is privacy ?

Start with the basics of Privacy and understand the fundamentals.


What are the key privacy concepts, principles and standards?

Determine the widely accepted Privacy concepts and principles.


What is the history of privacy laws?

Let's embark the journey of Privacy Laws.


How are EU institutions and legislations structured?

Learn the significance of EU Institutions and Legislations.


Am I ready for certification CIPP-E exam?

Test the skills and capacity of your GDPR knowledge so that you are confident when taking CIPP-E exam.


How do I put privacy in practice?

Bring into play various scenarios on how to your theory into practice.


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Mr. Punit Bhatia
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Self paced
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