Create a custom Cookies Policy disclosing your use of cookies and be compliant with the law: GDPR and the EU Cookies Directive regulation.

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What is a Cookies Policy?

A Cookies Policy is a sometimes-legally-required agreement that informs your users:

What cookies are
What cookies you use
What purposes you use them for
What you do with the information you collect via cookies
How users can change their cookie settings

What is the purpose of a Cookies Policy?

The purpose of a Cookies Policy is to inform your users what cookies you use, and for what purposes. This helps maintain user privacy rights and protect consumers. It's an agreement that boosts transparency between businesses and users.

Why is a Cookies Policy important?

A Cookies Policy is important because the GDPR legally requires one. If you fall under the scope of the GDPR and don't have a Cookies Policy, you can face potential fines and legal issues.

They're also important for maintaining consumer privacy rights and keeping your users informed about your practices. They're important for transparency and facilitating user rights.

Do I need to have a Cookies Policy on my website or app?

If your website or app has users in the EU, if you're located in the EU or if you do business in the EU, you will need to have a Cookies Policy on your website or mobile app.

This is a requirement of the EU's GDPR.

What should my Cookies Policy include?

Your Cookies Policy should include clauses that address the following:

Statement that you use cookies
What cookies are, briefly
What types of cookies you use or allow third parties to use
How and why these cookies are in use
How a user can opt out of having cookies placed, or remove them

Where do I place my Cookies Policy?

Include a link to your Cookies Policy in your website footer. If you have a mobile app, include a link in an app menu, such as an "About" or "Legal" menu. Add a link to your Cookies Policy to your cookie consent notice.

What's the difference between a Cookies Policy and a Privacy Policy?

A Cookies Policy is a sometimes-legally-required agreement that exclusively addresses cookies, what they are, what ones you use and how you use them.

A Privacy Policy is legally required and addresses the collection, use and storage of all types of personal information, including but not limited to cookies.

While both agreements work to protect consumer privacy and boost transparency between businesses and users, a Privacy Policy will have far more information and be more broad than a Cookies Policy.

A Privacy Policy will often include a clause addressing cookies as one of its many clauses.

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