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Mandatly's cookie and consent management solution enables you to comply with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD (Brazil), e-privacy directive and marketing laws.

Why Mandatly?

 Automation: Increase efficiency and establish accountability with Mandatly’s Assessment Automation framework. Save time and resources with fully automated process to manage DSARs.

Intelligence: Intelligently designed solution to adapt with evolving data privacy regulations without disruption. Built-in intelligence to analyze and assess risks.

User Experience: Flexible to support multiple privacy compliance and reduce compliance risk. Empower users by enabling them to self-configure, workflow-driven process and approvals. Easy Collaboration between DPAs, Business and IT.

Governance: Generate Accountability by auto generating action items for Business and Privacy teams. Role Based Access to maximize operational efficiency.

Reporting: Demonstrate compliance by generating Audit Reports.


Automated cookie scan and declaration, Cookie consent banner, Cookie repository, Easy installation
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Freelancer, Small, Medium , Large
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Web based
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