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#1 Solution For Legal Policies.

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Customized Privacy Policies and TOS for web, Android & iOS app, Facebook app, Twitter developer account, Squarespace, Blogger, WordPress, Shopify, and more.

Why you need a Privacy Policy

For some websites or apps, a Privacy Policy must be implemented. In some cases, a Privacy Policy statement is required by law. This depends on the platform you are using, and the information you are collecting.

Your website or application may collect some kind of personal information. That's where we come in and generate a customized privacy policy explaining:

  • What information you compile and how you compile it
  • How the information compiled is used
  • How the information collected is protected
  • If the information is shared with third parties, and what information is shared.

Why you need Terms of Service

Having a good Terms of Service (TOS) is very important for every website or application. Basically, is a legal agreement between a service and a person that wants to use that service.

We will take care to clear all the doubts of your current and upcoming users with our highly professional TOS generator.


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Ayottaz is an integrated online platform for enterprises exploring data privacy focused services, softwares and software as a service (SaaS) products. 

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