Cookiebot – Cookie consent management

Cookiebot – Cookie consent management

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Cookiebot automatically detects all cookies and similar trackers on your website and blocks them until your users have given their consent.

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Cookiebot is a cookie and online tracking consent solution that complies with the consent and information requirements of the EU ePrivacy Directive 2009/136/EC and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cookiebot is a self-serve cloud service provided to you by the ePrivacy company Cybot.

At Cybot, we are committed to making it easy for companies across the World to live up to the new regulations while also making these complex changes understandable to the end users.

GDPR and ePrivacy

The EU Member States has compiled a common guide on obtaining consent for cookies which applies to all EU Member States:

  • Provide clear and specific information on your cookies
  • Ask your users for consent before storing cookies
  • Give your users an option to opt-out of cookies
  • Provide an option to subsequently change a choice


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires you to document each consent. At the same time you must be able to account for what user data you share with embedded third-party services on your website and where in the world the user data is sent.

Cookiebot does all that.

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Listing FAQs

Which features are not included in the free plan?

Free plan does not include the following Premium standard features: Customize banner, Customize declaration, multiple languages, e-mail reports, data-export, geo location, bulk consent, consent statistics, internal domain alias for development, test and staging.

Maximum 1 domain on free accounts.

Can I add several small websites to 1 subscription?

Our prices are per domain and you must have one subscription for each of your domains. It is not possible to combine e.g. 2 small websites with 10 subpages each into one Premium Small subscription or into one Free subscription.

Is a sub-domain considered a separate domain?

Yes, Cookiebot treats domains and sub-domains separately. This is because we need to scan each domain/sub-domain. Therefore, you need a subscription for each of your domains and each of your subdomains.

-, and are treated as 3 different domains.

-, and are treated as 1 domain.

- Please note that and (www alias) are treated as 1 domain (automatically recognized by Cookiebot).

Can I increase the scan frequency if I change my cookies often?

Premium plans can change the scan frequency for a domain from 'monthly' to 'daily' for €62 extra per domain/month.

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