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Data Privacy for enterprises
Data Privacy

43 % of organizations are working to comply with two to five data privacy laws

If you are handling clients even in some of the major economies  you would be obligated to comply with multiple privacy regulations 

Why is data privacy so much more than compliance?

With the count of aware internet users increasing and governments across the globe becoming serious about implementing data privacy laws and regulations, the free-run for businesses who made money purely by exploiting individuals data is about to end.

This gives a unique opportunity to businesses who are willing to walk the extra mile to build a profitable venture and a legacy out of their brand name. Believe it or not, there are many good reasons for data privacy protection. 

Data Privacy

Don’t see Privacy just as an important part of your IT security posture. Rather it must be an integral part of your business DNA. It can drive your brand strategy, generate, increase and maintain customer faith, and act as a true business differentiator.

Our capabilities

Software Solutions

Find software and SaaS  to become privacy compliant

Professional Services

Professional services for your  Data Privacy needs. 

Training & Courses

Get your teams  & staff trained with diversified traininga and courses  in laws like GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, LGPD, UK-DPA and many more 

Audits and Certifications

Assess your readiness with ISO 27001: 2013 certifications , SOC2 assessment, and compliance with laws like GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, UK-DPA, LGPD and many more.

Data Privacy

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Data Privacy

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