Authentic Ratings.

We require the use of a verified business email address to validate a reviewer’s identity and current employer. We do not allow users to leave reviews for their current employers, former employers, or competitors.

  • No paid Reviews. Vendors cannot influence the ratings, placement, sort order, etc. by spending time or money with us.
  • Review moderation. After our automatic filtering process removes reviews that do not meet our minimum submission requirements, our team manually checks each review. All reviews must pass our moderation process before they are published.
  • Business partners. Users who have a business relationship with a vendor, such as resellers, can often provide valuable insight and are not restricted from leaving reviews on Ayottaz. However, because of the potential bias of such relationships, business partner reviews are flagged with a “Business Partner” label on the review.
  • No alterations by Ayottaz. We do not, under any circumstances, edit the content of any review.
  • Rejected reviews. We reserve the right to remove reviews that do not meet minimum quality standards, including, but not limited to, those that have been copied from other sources, contain responses unrelated to the questions asked, include defamatory comments, or indicate trial or non-professional use. We also reserve the right to remove any reviews, comments, or other content contributed by a user when the user’s Ayottaz or other Social media profile is missing critical identifying information.
  • Editing reviews. Users can always edit their review to reflect changing opinions or to ensure that the review meets our quality standards. 
  • Buyer Alerts. If we discover attempts by vendors to manipulate their reviews, we may issue alerts to warn users about this behavior. Actions that trigger these alerts include, but are not limited to, soliciting only positive reviews, discouraging negative reviews, threatening users to remove negative reviews, and writing fake reviews from a shared IP address. 

Tips for leaving reviews

  • Review for the reader. Your review could help someone choose a new software, service, or training. In your review, include details you would be looking for if you were in need of the same type of solution. The more informative the review, the more attention it attracts and the more credible you appear. Your unique insights will be more helpful than the opinions of an analyst or consultant because you have firsthand experience in a business environment.
  • Aim for balance. Even if you love what you’re reviewing, it’s probably not perfect. Your review can include glowing recommendations and commentary on favorite aspects, but be sure to mention anything that could use improvement. People are likely to place less trust in overwhelmingly positive (or overwhelmingly negative) reviews because they do not present a balanced and realistic account of the user experience.
  • Be real. Along with being balanced, it’s also best to accurately present yourself and your level of experience with the software, service, or training. Reviews that speak to specific situations and use cases are much more relevant and valuable than those that do not.
    • For software, mention the level of experience you have with the tool, any integrations you use in conjunction, or any unique use-cases you’re addressing with the tool you’re reviewing.
    • For training, mention how easy it was to follow the content of the course and your learning outcomes.
    • For services, mention the length of your engagement, the level of interaction, or anything else you think would help others evaluating similar providers.
  • Stay current. If you haven’t used a software, service, or taken a training in more than two years, we request that you refrain from submitting a review of it. B2B technology and services can change drastically in a relatively short amount of time.

 Tips for vendors

  • Get involved. All vendors have an equal opportunity to take advantage of being part of Ayottaz’s community. They can be listed on the site and update the pages of their offerings free of charge. In fact, we encourage vendors to do so as this promotes transparency.
  • Gather reviews. We encourage all vendors to ask their customers to leave reviews with authentic, unbiased feedback. If Ayottaz finds evidence of a vendor soliciting only positive reviews, we will remove the reviews. 
  • Start conversations. We encourage vendors to engage in a dialogue with users and we provide them with the opportunity to respond publicly to posts. If a post contains inaccurate or negative commentary, we invite vendors to provide their perspective and address the user’s comments in this forum.
  • Keep us honest. All Ayottaz users have the ability to report a concern on a review; when this occurs, an Ayottaz team member will investigate and provide a response. We do not edit or remove reviews at a vendor’s request or act as fact-finders to facilitate disputes between vendors and Ayottaz users; however, we do encourage all users to submit concerns for reviews that seem fake, out of place, or to come from a biased source.
    • Review concerns can be submitted under a review by clicking the “Report a Concern” button. Providing as much relevant information as possible will help us respond thoroughly and accurately.
    • Review concerns are typically addressed within two business days.