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Become Data Privacy compliant now! We can make it simple for you

Ayottaz acts as an unbiased interface between enterprises and service providers.

Data Privacy
Data Privacy

Comptetent products and services

Data Privacy

Assistance in creating data privacy program

Data Privacy

Easy product selection and onboarding

Data Privacy

Hassle free implementation

Privacy Compliance is one of the most difficult compliances to be achieved

For  small-medium businesses, even understanding what privacy regulations apply to them is also a big challenge. With the dynamic status of global privacy compliance, every business is exposed to a constant obligation and liability to stay compliant

Competence, Cost, and Convenience are the three biggest challenges for any business to become data privacy compliant.

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Ayottaz is the solution


We ensure quality products and services without any allegiance to a particular product or service


Our program is flexible to fit your budget, operations and business expectations


Ayottaz transitions data privacy compliance from an expertise-centric exercise to a user-centric exercise.

Data Privacy

Our promise

Ayottaz makes it fast and easy for businesses to achieve Privacy compliance. We do this by taking a fresh approach to Privacy compliance cycle. We are making Data privacy affordable, quick to implement, and flexible as per business needs. Unlike the current regime where you are bound by limited offerings or complex  onboarding  with a few service providers, we are bringing  the privacy industry to your doorstep enabling you to choose what you need and not take what is being sold to you. We are making the Data Privacy cycle a simple and easy plug and play experience for our customers.